I am a research engineering in the security group at Arm Research.

I received PhD in Computer Science from Verified Trustworthy Software Specification Group, Dept. of Computing, Imperial College, supervised by Prof. Philippa Gardner, working on verification of concurrent programs and consistency models of distributed systems and databases. I received MSc. in Advanced Computing from Imperial College London in 2015, and BEng. in Software Engineering from Southwest Jiaotong University (西南交通大学), China in 2014. HERE IS MY CV.



shale.xiong [AT] arm.com


110 Fulbourn Rd,
Cambridge CB1 9NJ, UK

My Hobbies

Mahjong (麻将)

It is a game played by four people. In China, different areas have slightly different rules but the general rules are similar.

Every player has 13 tiles in their hands and can only be seen by players themselves by default. There are 3 suits, each of which contains four duplicated tiles from number one to nine. Some areas also have extra tiles and each of them also have four duplications (with few exceptions, but they do not really affect the rule but affect how much a player(s) pay when losing).

Initially players get 13 tiles and afterwards the game is organised by rounds until a player(s) win. A round is divided into four turns for the four players. In the counter-clock order players draw a new tile and then discard a tile chosen by themselves . Note that a play always has 13 tiles either hidden or seen by everyone (there is a mechanism to reveal tiles). To win, a player’s 13 tiles plus an extra one need to form certain pattern. The extra one can be the immediate new tile the player draws before s/he dicards any tile; or it can be tiles other players discards in his/her turn.

I often play mahjong in FF14, a MMRPG game that is similar to WoW, and you can play mahjong with others in the game :).

Gaming, on PC

I like RPG, simulation and strategy games. Some games I like:

There are few games I am no long play but I still watch matches:

Go Chess

I used to learn Go Chess go from age 10-ish to 15-ish. I occationally played for fun.


I usually cook my own dinner. It is Chinese style food but based on available ingredients. I grew up in Changsha, Hunan and spent another 4 years as undergraduate in Chengdu, Sichuan, so I like spicy and chilli food. Sometime also cook pasta or steak. During weekend, I usually make some Catonese style soups. I want to learn to make bread or bun (Baozi in Chinese), but never have the time (it is an excuse) and space (kitchen is a bit small).